Rapid prototyping SLA_SLS technology

What parts are suitable for SLA?

For prototypes that are small, light and complex in structure, it is very suitable to use SLA process. SLA prototypes are not as strong as CNC ABS parts but it can make complex structures and very tiny features can be fully made. SLA is a suitable process for making prototypes that are used for geometry test, assembly test and demonstration.


3A prototype can also make high temperature resistant parts and clear parts by SLA. Painting, printing, plating and inserts installed can apply to SLA parts as well.

What parts are suitable for SLS?

We can make pure Nylon and Nylon GF SLS parts. For parts with very complex structure and high tolerance and tiny features that cannot made by CNC machining and materials have to be strong, then we can consider SLS process. SLS parts are not as smooth as CNC machining but it can also be sand smooth for painting and printing.

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