Rapid Tooling and Injection Molding


Come to try our tooling & injection molding services if you need fast turnaround and competitive price plastic production. Currently 3A Prototype has made a lot of plastic components for automotive, telecom, medicine and cosmetic products by prototype tools and production tools. 


Rapid tool, also called prototype tool or soft tool, is the best option when your prototype and design is tested successfully and you are going to do a further series of test to your parts, or display them to your different potential customers or distribution agents or firstly launch them to test market. During these stages, only a certain quantity finished parts with the final material and finish is required. 3A Prototype can make rapid tools with 50000 shots tool life with 1 to 3 weeks turnaround, which will help you receive the parts quickly at a low cost. In this case, you don’t have to invest too much to the tool from the very beginning when you don’t know if the product will be successfully or feasible in the market.


Through rapid tooling, you can get the finished products to do a further design and market test, which will help you do a long-term product analysis and production planning. This will make your product development time shorten and cost saved, which makes your product more competitive in the market.


When your product is successful in design test and marketing test, you can also come to us for production Tools. We are a reliable production tool maker for various plastic parts. Within 5 weeks you can have your parts with durable quality in your hand. 


We can make production tool from NAK80, harden S136 and other tool materials specified by customer. Tool life can be 20,0000 to 2 million shots. We can do automatic injection molding with mechanical hand. Our injection molding workshop works 24 hours day and night to provide customers parts with a quicker time.

3A Mold Making Process

Project Planning

When we got order from customer, related staff will have a project meeting and a project planning will be done before production.


DFM and Mold Flow Analysis 

After project planning is finished, we will start DFM and send it to customer for approval.

DFM include the basic data, injection method, molding parting line analysis, draft analysis, wall thickness analysis, design improvement suggestion and so on. We can also provide Mold Flow Analysis if customers require. 


Our Injection Molding Capability 

●  More than 150 types and grates of plastics and rubber are available.

 26 injection molding machines from 80T to 850T to meet parts of different shape at different sizes.

●  Flexible quantity can be 1000 to 2000,000+ pieces.

●  Dust-free Injection Molding Workshop

●  Overmold and Insert Mold

●  Related components outsourcing and assembly

●   Automatic Injection Molding with machine hand

Quality Control

We will do a series of quality control from the material storage to production to the finished products.


We will do the first inspection of the initial few molding parts and routing inspection during production and final check for finished parts. Related documents and recorded will be kept and the same molding parameter and mold temperature will be controlled for different batches to ensure the parts quality is consistent. 

Now please contact us to discuss your tooling and injection molding projects.

Your parts will be handled carefully and delivered safely to your hand in time.