CNC Machining

CNC Machining


CNC machining is a good way to make good shape of the parts as per 3D file and make the prototypes that is similar to the production part at real material. CNC programming is very important preparation process before parts are machining. A skilled CNC programmer will save a lot of CNC machining time and make high quality parts with fine and good surface and accurate sizes. We have 20 CNC programmer and most of them have experiences more than 10 years. Our CNC programmer will check the 2D and 3D before CNC programming to ensure 2D and 3D data especially holes data are the same and the tolerance can guarantee during machining. During a CNC process, raw material will be removed from a block sheet with different cutters to make the parts to the shape of 3D file. 

3A Prototype have 68 off 3, 4 and 5 axis machines. We can make rapid prototypes from a wide range of plastic and metal materials. We make CNC parts with various process like machining, milling, turning, wire cutting, EDM, laser cutting and so on.


CNC Stainless steel with Welding

Material: 304SS

Finish: Brush and welding

Process: We CNC parts with extremely fine surface and do the assembly and welding. After welding, we do the very fine brush on the surface and do very fine sanding. So from the visible surface, the welding mark is very hard to see. These parts require very tight tolerance and good sanding and welding Skill.

Material: ABS

Finish: Thermal transfer printing

Process: We make the parts from ABS and then do the thermal transfer printing. Thermal transfer printing requires very good surface and requires high skill.

3A Prototype CNC Parts 


Please send us your 3D files, STEP or IGS is preferred. Send us your material, finish and quantity requirement. 

A PM will communicate and discuss with you about your desired requirement.

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